Club National Championships

CNC 2018 (2).png

Evergreen Sportsplex



Age groups: 2023 | 2024 | 2025 | 2026| 2027
4-guaranteed games
Playoff Championship format

$1395 per team

Format updates:

  • The CNC will no longer run on a central clock
  • The CNC will allow 1 time out to be called by each coach per game
  • Overtime will be a true overtime and follow US Lacrosse HS rules
  • Each game will be allotted 75 minutes (rather than the traditional 60 minute field turn around time)
  • Players will be given 10 minutes to warm up on the actual field of play

Schedule updates:

  • Saturday and Sunday games only, no Friday games
  • First game will be Noon. Since there are lights we do not have to start super early, better for travel
  • Saturday all teams will play 3 games
  • Teams will then be seeded
  • Sunday all teams will participate in a semi-final game
  • Winners will advance to the finals
  • All ages groups will have an A and B Division Champion.  Medals and t-shirts will be presented.
  • Losers will play for 3rd and 4th place 
  • Just for middle school and younger teams
  • Will include fastest shot, Braveheart, and other skills/development contests with prizes.


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