Once upon a time coaches and parents were sitting around chatting at a pre-game meal, strategically planning for the upcoming field hockey season.  Someone asked “how are we going to get this team to a championship this year” and the coach jokingly responded “they just need to “GET GOOD” – As simple as it was, the phrase created a vision for the team and encompassed doing anything and everything to reach a higher level for yourself and for your team. Any actions taken by the team were to GET GOOD – eating healthy, being healthy, and working hard in both school and sport.  As parents got talking a few of them decided they didn’t stack up to the GET GOOD mantra quite like they used to in their youth and tagged themselves as WAS GOOD.  Some parents felt they were still pretty serious athletes and they quickly refuted the WAS GOOD status, stating they were STILL GOOD.

Everyone loved the GET GOOD phrases and before we knew it shirts were being made for parents, players and family members alike.  GET GOOD had grown into a family brand that everyone could embody. After having a blast with the brand and a successful field hockey season that year, we decided we were going to make a go at our new brand (if we found it so amusing we figured must be tons of people out there who will agree!).  Our mission is easy and simple just like our logo – good competition, good fun.